Good First Sports for Kids

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. As one of the parents of my 6 year old, I understand how difficult it can be to get your children into sports regularly. I get it. As a kid I was pretty bad as well, having to be put into over half a dozen sports before I found one that stuck, and I was already 12 by that time. That why I try to find sports that my son can have fun at and continue playing if he wants to. Sports equipment is quite costly though, meaning that I tend to buy secondhand sports equipment from which is actually great as I never lose much if he doesn’t enjoy. Here are a couple of the sport that we have played with our son and some good ways to get your kids into them while still having fun.


This one should be obvious to any of my regular readers. I enjoyed softball a lot as a kid, but unfortunately there wasn’t a team for me to join.If my son ends up liking softball he will run into the same issue, but right now softball is the only batting sport he can participate in due to his age. Softball (or baseball) helps train your hand eye coordination as well as your team work. All we bought initially was a softball and a softball bat, which we found online from at a really low price. Now we go to the park every weekend to throw the ball around, and my son’s first team practice is in a couple months.

softball equipment


Of course I had to start my son playing with a football as early as I could. I am not even Irish but my wife is and she said it was almost as important as the baptism. Before my wife was even in the hospital I went online and found a cheap football ball for sale thanks to awesome prices at and I have not regretted it. All three of us can easily head outside, put some hats down for a goal and kick the ball around. Best of all, the kid loves it no matter how serious we are.


American Football

As an American living in Ireland, I had to include this one. I still have to watch all my games from back home, and I even participated in an amatue league here. I would love it if my son got into the game, but maybe not for a couple years. WIth American Football possibly being in the Olympics, it might gain some more traction here in Ireland and maybe I can find a league for him to join by then.

 Youth American Football

Bike Riding

Not exactly a team sports, but bike riding is a great activity to stay active with and one that if fun for the whole family. The website for Sports Ireland says that kids should get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day, and a leisurely bike ride is a great way to get that and more. Simply get on your bikes and head out to the nearest forest path or biking trail and explore. Make sure you know the area before biking there, and to pack plenty of water!

Make sure they have fun!

The most important thing for you to remember regarding putting your child in sports is that this is for them. The most important thing for you child to remember is simply to have fun. No matter what sport they choose, having fun is always the goal. If you liked this post then please check out my last post about boxing.