Hey folks. I am not in much of a writing mood today so this is going to be a short one I am afraid. I wanted to pose a question to you: what is the difference between a game and a sport? “What on earth do you mean?” I hear you ask.  Well think about it for a second. There are plenty of activities out there that we would classify as sport; football, rugby, tennis, athletics etc. What all these activities have in common is that it needs a level of skill and athleticism to participate in the properly. But then there are a number of activities out there that are classified as sport and while requiring definite skill, they do not require a specific level of fitness or athleticism. For example, darts, snooker, pool, bowls to name just a few. Do you think it is right that activities of this nature should be classified as sport? Or do you think a fairer classification would be “a game”? The men who play darts on the television are often very overweight, smoke and drink. They are in no way athletes like the modern day football player for example. Back in the 1980’s, many snooker players used to drink alcohol and smoke while playing world class snooker. Can they be described as sportsmen or athletes? I’m not so sure. I understand that this view will be written off by many as pure conjecture, but i believe there is some merit to my opinion, and it is just that, an opinion. But for the sake of stimulating a bit of conversation I thought i would put this out there. What are your thoughts? D you agree or disagree? Be sure to drop us a line to the usual addressSpor and let us know. I’ll publish your replies in a future post. Ta ta for now folks! Speak soon.