Adidas Predator; those iconic football boots that everyone wanted when they were first released and are still very popular today. 1994 saw the release of the very first pair, simply called Predator, and to this day there have been 12 different models, with many variations of each model. The boots have been at the forefront of football design for the past twenty years, which makes me feel old! In May of 2015, Adidas announced that they would be discontinuing production of the iconic boot, which has now insured its cult and legendary status. As you can see on their website Adidas talk of football evolving, and the evolution of the football boot, but we love the Predator and will always have a place in our hearts.





During these 20 years we have seen the release of many versions, some that are now achieving “rareâ€� status, and are now extremely collectable.  We have seen Predator boots in every colour under the sun, some extremely cool, and others, well, not so! Gold, orange, purple, mixture of all three, if there is a colour on this planet, then Adidas have probably made a Predator boot out of it! I remember being the envy of the school football team when I rocked up to training in my bright yellow Predator Electricity. Unfortunately they did not stop me from being an average footballer. I still have nightmares about a missed penalty in the Schools Cup Final, where my Predators (my left foot really) let me down. My teammates did not let me hear the end of having the worst shot but the most expensive football boots. I was only a mere left-back though.



Some of the worlds very best footballers, past and present have put their name to Adidas Predator. David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Steven Gerrard, Michael Ballack and the great Raul of Real Madrid, all wore the boots during their careers, and with this has come a clamour to own the pairs that were endorsed by them. You can still easily find rare Adidas Predator models, and at there are some very good examples of some great looking football boots.  Some of my personal favourites are the Predator Absolute TRX David Beckham, Predator Powerswerve FG, Predator Mania Steven Gerrard, Predator Pulse FG David Beckham, Predator Precision 2001 Zidane and the Predator Electricity (which became popular at the 1998 World Cup, in France, along with David Beckham’s demise for kicking out at Diego Simeone)




Throughout the years, and with the many releases of Predator saw the boot evolve into something quite beautiful. You could argue, that the very first edition of the Predator is a little bulky and cumbersome looking, but back in the day they were the bees knees! At first the rubber was sewn into the leather of the boot, but over the years that changed, and like most things in this world they became more streamlined. So what we had with last years’ final edition was something very sleek and slender.  You can see below the release of the “Adidas Predator Instinct Battle Pack World Cup boot, a far cry from those humble and understated days of 1994 and the very first Predator.





The rarest of rare Adidas Predators are arguably the Predator Mania FG and the DB Ying Yang. The boot’s production was halted in 2003 and were a snip at £120 when brand new. However in 2015, if you are lucky enough to find a pair of those boots then you will have to pay considerably more than the £120 they cost 12 years ago.The Ying Yang were released in 2005 with only 723 pairs being made. Costing £699 in the United Kingdom, lord only knows how much these boots would fetch today, with collectors seizing practically every pair.

Pedator Mania FG


Predator DB Ying Yang 

 With the release of the AdiPower, in 2011, the Predator range was beginning to change its appearance. The boots were super-light but were designed with shooting power in mind. These are less rare, but due to the (fairly) recent release we will see these boots rise in value and popularity.