Hi, it’s Kev again. As it’s St George’s day today, I thought I would talk about my favourite English football heroes of all time. Here’s The countdown of my top 5:


5. Paul Gascoigne: Gazza, as he has always been known by his fans, was an emotional player. He wasn’t shy about letting out the waterworks on the pitch and this really resonates with his fans, who felt every emotion alongside him.  In ofe recent years he’s also provided us with some comedy gold, in the form of that famous radio interview about his mate, gunman Raoul Moat.


4. David Beckham: some people dislike him for his lack of intellect and his flashy lifestyle but there’s not denying Beckhma’s talent. He’s also a lovely bloke. I had the great fortune to meet him once in pub near his training grounds and he was such a gentleman.


3. Gary Lineckar: Lineckar will always be well loved by England fans if, for nothing else, the sheer numbers of goals he has scored: 48 in 80 games. Impressive stuff.


2. Bobby Moore: leading the England team to their World Cup victory in 1966, what’s not to love about Bobby Moore. He will always be remembered as a legend by England fans and was described by Pele as his greatest ever opponent in defense.


1.Sir Bobby Charlton: Charlton is my ultimate football here. Although Bobby Moore captained the team that won England the World Cup in 1966, it was bobby Charlton who scoffed the majority of the goals. I would go as far as to say that I think Bobby Charlton is the greatest striker of all time!



Thanks for reading and chat again soon folks.