This entry is hard to do guys. Those horrible couple of weeks in the summer of 2014 are burnt into my brain, I was so excited (why, I don’t know, but it’s something that happens to English football fans at every major tournament), the World Cup comes around every four years and provides us with the pinnacle of the game we all love. I wanted to write this entry because I want to try and make sense of it all, now that I am not angry and upset about it! It’s only a game after all (said no one, ever).

The first game actually filled me with a bit of promise. We lost 2-1 to the Italians yes, but we played well and should not have conceded Balotelli’s goal (in hindsight we must have been really poor, considering his dire performances this season and lack of goals). It was just all about the next game, against Uruguay.

The game started well, the Suarez scored. Just had to be Suarez. England responded well thought, and we scored a good goal to get us level. Then madness happened. A long ball forward from the Uruguay goalkeeper (Muslera) and Suarez is found in acres of space, a criminal goal to give away at the highest level of all. They were in front again and Suarez had scored, AGAIN. He said after that we deserved it, for how the English press treated him when he BIT someone, for the second time (the third happened at the World Cup).

Everyone knew we were all but out, unless the both we and the Italians beat Costa Rica, and Italy also beat Uruguay. Then we might, just might be able to go through. It was doomed though, and I think everyone knew that. We definitely knew it the next day when Costa Rica beat Italy!

At least we had a chance to go and save some embarrassment by hammering Costa Rica in the last game. But we didn’t. We didn’t even score against them. One point from three games and English football became a laughing stock. All the money the Premier League has and we can only manage a point at the World Cup!

Why did I write this? I’m angry all over again!