Gym is my hobby

When I am in the gym the time just fly’s by as I am pumping away feeling the blood rush through my muscles is better than any drug you can buy. Don’t get me wrong in the beginning it was hard more of a chore then a pleasure, but after 3 years I started to get addicted due to the fact you start seeing real gains in my muscle definition. I started when the world started going obese which let’s be honest is rising every day and is rather shocking to be honest. Now I feel better than I ever have my mind and body are connected in a blessed way. To be honest a lot of my friends have started going to the gym to make changes in their life and they are also feeling and looking a lot better, so it’s not just me that has good things to say about hitting the gym as a hobby.

Most people have hobbies like football, swimming, golf, writing etc, well they are more popular. But there are a small majority of people that actually love going to the gym, I think it’s something to do with the burn you feel in your muscle when you push it to the max its quite addictive. Saying all of this though other hobbies like football and tennis have the same amount of work going into them as I do going to the gym, it seems like the word gym don’t sound fun to most people. Exercise is a must do in everyone’s life’s at least 45 minutes, 4 times a week and that is enough to keep you fit and healthy feeling great. You can also do this at home you don’t have to go to the gym to get healthy!