GoPro For Motorsport

Hey folks. How are you all doing? Well I hope. What have you all been up to of late? I’ve been quite the busy bee! Since my last blog post I have been watching a lot of motorsport. And not just on the TV. I’ve actually been along to a few racetracks and watched a number of races in the person. It’s an absolutely different experience from sitting at home watching it on the box, I can tell you! Anyway, while I was watching I noticed that many of the drivers had the latest GoPro Action Cameras. Whether it be a helmet mount or mounted on their vehicle, the vast majority were sporting them. Action cameras are a relatively new phenomenon but have revolutionised the way in which we can capture the action of extreme sports such as motor racing. And they are so easily affordable and accessible! Just check out all the listings I found for sale at this website:  Impressive huh? In this blog post I am going to discuss all the ways in which a GoPro can benefit the modern racing driver. Enjoy!

GoPro Action Camera


Now to be fair, top level motorsport such as Formula 1 and IndyCar are using higher calibre onboard cameras than a GoPro. They need to as they are required to transmit footage from the car cockpit for live coverage on national and international television. A standard consumer action camera just wouldn’t cut the mustard here. But for the amatuer of semi-pro racing driver with less cash to throw around, a GoPro is just the ticket! They don’t need to capture live footage, but a recorded playback of their race can  be invaluable in terms of media and sponsorship recognition. With the explosion of social media, such footage can be posted online and go viral within hours, creating a flurry of interest from adoring fans! And all at very little cost. It really is a no brainer for any driver to own one for this purpose alone.


Race Review

The other obvious application of having an action camera onboard during qualifying and/or racing is the ability to review one's time on the track after the fact. It is not so long ago that racing drivers of all levels merely dreamed of such an ability. The benefits are obvious and limitless. To be able sit down after your race and review what you did right, where you went wrong and what you can do better next time has incalculable value no matter what level you are racing at. It can also be a manner in which to capture incidents that happen on the circuit that you may or may not be involved in for evidential purposes. Huge fines can be handed out for misconduct on the track. And if you weren’t in the wrong, you’ll need to prove that.

GoPro Helmet Mountount

Probably the easiest and most effective way to mount your GoPro while racing is to your helmet. This can easily be done with the simple accessories that come with your camera when you first buy it. There is a simple adhesive pad that can be stuck to the top of your helmet and to which the camera can be attached. These could prove troublesome and potentially dangerous in wet weather, however. The last thing you want is for the adhesive to come unstuck and the camera to come lose, potentially causing a problem for yourself or other drivers on the track. To get some better ideas on how to mount your camera to either your helmet or racing car, check out GoPro website: But if you want to save even more money you can easily source some third party GoPro accessories using the website that I linked to in the firest paragraph. Check it out!

gopro helmet mount


So anyway, that is my thoughts on racing drivers using GoPro Action Cameras. I really think they are something that every driver should invest in. If you like this post be sure to email me at the usual address and let me know your thoughts or personal GoPro experiences. I’d love to hear them. Thanks for all your emails about my cricket post that I put up a few weeks back. It was great to read all your comments and views. I’m away now for a few weeks but I’ll be back with another informative sports post as soon as I possibly can. Until next time folks! Be careful out there!