Customize Your Skateboard

What’s up guys, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Thanks to some adults ballet classes that I took (I mentioned them in the post about ballet) my knee is getting its bend back and I have been able to skateboard again. It was easy enough to get back into skateboarding; I bought a used skateboard on and it has served me really well which is great since it was really cheap. Getting back on a board has made me want to get more into the sport, so I want to upgrade my board a little bit more. I was thinking of getting a new set of truck, and maybe some custom griptape. Or a whole new set up, who knows! 



Something I remember from when I used to skateboard is that the right trucks are really important to help with your desired style. I am planning on building my board to be faster, so I am considering looking at some speed trucks from Girl, they don’t seem to be as popular as they once were but I loved them back in the day and think they are still going to make a quality product. The only problem is they don’t ship to Australia, so I have had to look at some used skateboard trucks on and saw a couple Girl sets that were relativly cheap, so I just might have to get them. 

Girl skateboard and trucks 

Grip Tape

The board I got is really great for a used board; the wheels are in good shape and the actual board itself has little signs of wear. For some reason though the grip tape looks like it has been cut with a weed whacker. I am planning on getting some more grip tape this weekend, and I think I will put a sticker or two on it as well. There were some really funny skateboard stickers for sale on that I might put on the grip as the bottom of the board is already sick. You gotta have those style points. 

skateboard grip tape


My board has really good bearing, I think they were replaced fairly close to when I bought the board. They are a bit too heavy for my riding style however, and I feel like they should be replaced my something lighter. These are steel alloy, and I have seen some good glass ones for sale before. I plan on entering some downhill competitions soon, and after that I will make the decision on the bearings. If I sell these ones I might actually get enough to buy a used set. 


That is me for today everyone, everyone is heading out to the skate park so I will be joining obviously. Hopefully this was an enjoyable for you all to read, and anyone who would like more enjoyment can find it at where I talk about the Oakland Raiders NFL team moving to Las Vegas. Have a good night everyone, talk to you soon.