Cricket is a complex game and can be difficult to watch and understand for the uninitiated. This is especially so as there are actually so many different forms of the game itself. It can certainly be confusing as a result of this. In this blog post I will attempt to break down and explain the different types of cricket that played around the world and give an overview of each.

What is Cricket?

Firstly, let’s broadly define cricket as a game. It is a game played between two teams of 11 players each. Equipment includes cricket bats, a cricket ball, the wickets and protective equipment for the players. One team bowls and fields while the other bats. The aim of the batter is to hit the ball as far as he can without it being caught by the opposing team members, giving him time to achieve as many runs as possible between the two wickets. The aim of the team bowling is to “bowl” the batter out. This can be done by hitting the wickets when bowling the ball, catching the ball once hit by the batter or hitting the wickets with the ball while the batter is mid-run. This continues until all the batters are out.

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Test Cricket

This is considered to be the original form of cricket, dating back to the 19th century. A test game lasts for 5 days and has no limit on how long each team can bat for as long as they are not bowled or caught out. Each team bowls and bats twice, known as an innings.This form of the game is played at an international level and is so called as it is considered to be a true “test” of each teams skill and ability, due to the shear length of the game.

One Day Ticket

As the title suggests, this form of the game is played in just one day instead of over five. Additionally, each team bats only once and is typically limited to fifty overs (six bowls).

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Twenty20 Cricket

This a modern form of cricket that was introduced in the first years of the 21st century. It is a form of One Day cricket with modified rules, most significantly a limit of 20 overs rather than 50. This makes for a shorter, faster and more aggressive game that can be much more entertaining for the spectators. It has enjoys significant popularity in India.

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Choosing a Cricket Bat

This really comes down to personally preference, as there is not much between the various brands. Their respective cricket bats all have similar attributes and it is the model variation that should be given closer attention. When buying bat, be sure to find the model that best suits your style of play. Size and weight are also very important aspects to bear in mind when purchasing a cricket bat. An incorrectly sized or weighted bat will only hinder your game.

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Looking After your Cricket Bat

Cricket bats can start to deteriorate and crack if it is not looked after and prepared correctly. Original cricket bats are produced using English Willow which is a softwood. Repeated deliveries of the ball will also quickly damage your bat if you don not take proper care of it. The are 3 phases of proper bat care include oiling, knocking in and protective facing. Oiling makes the bat more supple and prevents it from cracking. Protective facing is optional but consists of a protective adhesive sheet being applied to the bat. Knocking involves tapping the bat with a wooden mallet over a period of 4-6 hours to break the bat in.

Cricket Ball

A good quality cricket ball is essential in order that no damage to the bats is inflicted and so that bowling can be delivered properly. A waxed ball should be avoided. This is nothing more than a gimmick by cheap manufacturers of cricket balls to make them look shiny and attractive. The wax hardens the ball at renders it unsuitable for play. The condition of the seam should be taken into account when purchasing a cricket ball as should the overall balance of the ball. New cricket balls tend to bounce higher and swing more than it will once aged. Most teams field there best batsmen  in the fourth or fifth positions, the theory being that the ball will have lost some of its bounce and swing by the time they come on to play, giving them a better chance of scoring maximum runs for their team. However, a good fielding team will polish one side of the ball while allowing the side to remain rough. This can create a 'reverse swing' effect that can be devastating for the batting team. To find the best cricket equipment bargains for sale online, check out this classified ads website:

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