What’s going on all you sports fans, and baseball fans in particular. Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog where I got something big for you today. In only a couple days the MLB international signing period will open and there is a young man is Brazil that is perched to collect and seven figure payday. At only 16 years old, can this young man live up to the pitch given to the league from his number one fan, his father? 

Eric Pardinho is 16 years old, and when a major league scout was watching him from behind home plate he showed what every 16 year old future MLB star wants to. Poise, elegance under pressure and raw unadulterated power. Pardinho was blowing opponents away, showing that the other kids his age have no business being around him in the diamond. He is able to create leverage that someone at his size should be able to, and the technique he uses for his follow through is better than many major league pitchers. This kid is the real deal. 

We have his father Evandro the thank for Eric ever playing baseball in the first place. At the age of six Eric was on vacation with his asian relative who remarked at his hand eye co-ordination and told his father that baseball would be a great fit. His father then pitched it to him, and after seeing all the other kids in Brazil who were playing baseball the young man thought why not. Of course, after the bats and balls went away and the pushy parents all met somewhere down the street, the kids all played football together and developed an even closier sense of comradery.

Eric Pardinho