Hey everyone, I would like to thank you all for taking a read one my sports and fitness blog. Previously I have posted about how good it can be for kids to get into softball when they are young and I stand by that. I also think however that kids should make the jump from softball to baseball whenever possible (if possible at all) as the sport helps with everything softball helps with ten fold. Of course, it is hard to afford your kids doing so many different sports which is why I bought all of my sons equipment used from http://www.used.forsale/ which has saved us so much money. To save even more money you can follow my checklist for beginners baseball, which highlights the things you need compared to the stuff that your kids will want.

Youth Baseball

Wooden Baseball Bat

If your 10 year old kid wants to get into baseball, you had better not be buying them a new Easton Ghost composite bat. All the kids need when they go to bat is a nice wooden bat, I have never seen one of those break by someone under 16. You can even buy a used wooden baseball bat online like I did. There were some amazing cheap wooden bats for sale on http://www.used.forsale/wood-baseball-bats-33 and we have yet to even crack one when going out to practice. The bats can be a little heavy, but just make sure to check the weight before you purchase it as most of the wooden bats made in the past 10 years are supposed to be fairly light, and if it is newer and heavy then the wood has been damaged.


Wooden Baseball Bat

Youth Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves are one of the things that if some kid on the team has a really cool one, everyone wants one. I tell my son not to fall for peer pressure but he doesn’t listen and I had to try and find some cool baseball glove for him to wear without breaking the bank. Instead of getting him some fancy glove that costs $200, I just found a used youth glove on http://www.used.forsale/kids-baseball-glove that has spiderman on it. He loves the glove, and it is already broke in. Plus I only spent $5 on it. Win-Win-Win.

worn in baseball glove 

Not much Else

If you child is not that sure how much they want to play baseball, I would get them the above equipment to start and see how much they enjoy before getting anything such as cleats or arm guards. What do you think about my recommendations? Give me your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to mention anything you think I said wrong. If you enjoyed reading this, consider reading another one of my posts like my review of the 2017 NFL draft. Take it easy everyone, enjoy your weekend and I will speak to you again soon.