American Football in the Olympics

    What’s up happy people, welcome to another post in my sporting blog. I’m doing a little cross-over post and covering two different topics, football and the Olympics. That’s  because I recently read about American football being discussed for inclusion into the Olympics in 2024. Personally I love football and played it for close to a decade, so the idea of it being brought to the big stage excites me. I have watched some of the international competitions and the United States doesn’t always win the championships although there are restrictions on where the players can come from and I have never seen a famous NCAA university player on the field. I have never really seen Canadian players from prestigious schools either, so it goes both ways.


Who Would Compete

    After viewing the last couple years of American Football championship games from the international circuits, it seems that their are a couple clear powerhouses outside the United States. Canada, Mexico, Japan, and recently Germany have all had championship teams, and all four countries possess their own professional or semi-professional league. Germany even head a player selected of of their league in the NFL Draft last April, Wide Receiver, Moritz Boehringer. He was released during the offseason but just being selected is something to be proud of. The NFL has also expanded into most of these areas as of late, having the Buffalo Bills play home games in Toronto 6 years and games taking place in London and Mexico City this year for other teams. London will actually have quite a few games hosted there in the next 3 years as a plan to raise overseas support for the sport, and hopefully a good developmental league from England will help that. Well, I hope that’s brought you all up to date about how well American Football would do in the Olympics. Have a good weekend folks.


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