Adult ballet. 

Hi everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog.  With Christmas and New Year approaching fast, I’m sure I’m not the only one stepping up my fitness game in order to combat the vast quantities of carbs I’m planning on shovelling en mass into my mouth.  And that’s not including the incredible amount of drinks I’m already consuming with all the christmas parties, catch ups with friends and christmas markets. Whilst online christmas shopping the other day I stumbled across a website selling high quality gym and fitness wear at affordable prices,, and found myself buying a pair of ballet slippers, and signed up to my local adult ballet class. 

 adult ballet

As a young girl I never took any dance or ballet classes.  I always wanted to give it a go as I had dreams of being in the Royal Ballet and being able to dress up in the beautiful costumes and perform on stage in ‘The Nutcracker’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’.  Unfortunately my mum had other ideas and I was put into other sports clubs such as netball, which I still love to this day, and I joined the cub scouts even though it was only me and my sister as the only 2 girls in the group.   

Why you should learn ballet as an adult. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Is that really a sport? But there are many reasons why you should join a fitness class, and ballet is no different. It is obviously a great workout but there’s so many other reasons why you should pick ballet back up or start from scratch. 

 Adult ballet class

Unlike learning ballet as a child, learning ballet as an adult is far more relaxed.  Everyone at the beginning class is in the same boat, and many people will have never learnt any ballet moves, or ever seen a ballet being performed.  Ballet classes are a great way to make friends and interact with people of all ages.  Unlike children's classes, adult ballet classes are far less competitive with everyone being there for themselves, and to have fun rather than as a serious career choice with their parents paying for them to attend.  Theres also a great sense of camaraderie with everyone out to help each other. 

Adults learn ballet quicker. 

Unlike children at ballet, if an adult is taking a ballet class it’s because they are somewhat invested in learning ballet.  Whether that investment is financial, paying for each ballet class, or timewise, taking time out of a probably crazy busy schedule.  This means that adults will be more focused, dedicated and hardworking.   Adults brains tend to be far more mature and have a level of comprehension and conceptualising which leads to adults being better at imagining what they are meant to be doing, where they are going wrong and fixing their mistakes.  You can also pay for individual private lessons where affordable, which means that the level of learning will be far quicker. 

What ballet helps with. 

Ballet is great for general fitness.  However where it excels over other fitness classes is that it focuses on improving posture and building a strong core.  This can help those of us in office based jobs, or who spend all day at a desk on a computer. And unlike in young adults who have taken ballet for years, most adults bodies have no major health problems apart from back pain which ballet can help with.  Injuries sustained by professional ballet dancers tend to come about from learning ballet at a young age, and pushing themselves whilst injured to continue.  For adults who learn ballets these issues aren’t likely to repeat themselves as the level of training tends to be much higher, and adults are less likely to force themselves through pain when they know the outcome it can have on their bodies.  It works great alongside my favourite hobby, the gym, to strengthen core muscles and stretch out your body. 

 adult ballet at barre

What you’ll need to bring. 

The first thing to do before buying anything to wear for your ballet class is to check what the dress code is at the class you have chosen.  Some ballet classes have much stricter dress codes, whilst most will have a ‘fitness class’ dress code consisting or a tank top and shorts.  Most classes will advise wearing ballet shoes, although some will allow you to wear socks. 

Here’s what I’ll be wearing to my first ballet class.


I hope this has inspired you all to think outside of the box when it comes to your next fitness class and give Ballet a chance.  It’s great for those of us wanting to improve our overall fitness whilst reliving some of the fantasies of princesses and fairies from our childhoods.  Until next time en pointe, adagio fellow ballerinas.